Expert Commentator: Fastow Sentencing/Ethics Issues

Summary: As sentencing (set for September 26) nears for Enron exec Andrew Fastow, award-winning business ethics author Shel Horowitz is available for comment on the Enron trials and other business ethics issues

Suggested Questions to Ask Shel (or choose your own):

  • What do the guilty verdicts of Lay and Skilling, and the guilty plea of Fastow, mean for American business? For business worldwide?
  • What's the business secret that Arthur Andersen, the company founder, understood--but that the Arthur Andersen accountants who conspired with Enron were clueless about?
  • You say 'nice guys don't finish last!' How can a 'nice guy' attitude generate business success?
  • How did the Tylenol poisoning scare actually help its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson?
  • Does an ethical attitude matter more in a big company or a small company?