Does Your Business Have Values?


By Suzanne Evans, Helping Professional Expert

I first realized the importance of a value based company when I visited Zappos this year and was inspired by a business that operates daily off of a specific set of values to serve the company and the customers. It really got me thinking about my own values for Help More People and how living those values daily serves my clients, my subscribers, and my life.

We often get so busy marketing, strategizing, and serving that we don’t take the time to identify our core values for the business. I think this is one of the most important visions I have created for myself lately and when you can stay on track with your business values, you naturally help more people and make more money. It is really key to have them in writing so that you can be reminded of your purpose. We all get busy, overwhelmed, and frustrated…when your mission gets marginalized by life, you can revisit these and get back on track.

Here are the values of Help More People! I am proud to say that I strive to work and live by these daily as does my support team.

1. Always more. Provide all that we can to change people’s lives and businesses. More support, more help, more love, more gratitude, and more accountability. Keep providing MORE.

2. Gratitude. Take time in every transaction and with every client to be thankful.

3. Equality. Treat every client, customer, and subscriber with the same high level of support, service, and love no matter what package or program they participate in.

4. Own it. We are 100% responsible for all that happens at Help More People. The good, the bad, wins, losses, mistakes, and opportunities. Own all of it.

5. Model. Be a model for those we serve by never giving up, always learning, and supporting people unconditionally.

6. Think Big. Playing small does not serve anyone. We can only help more people if we are raising our standards, our vision, and our own bar for success.

7. Play. What’s the point of anything if not fully, deeply, and richly enjoyed? Play more!

8. Be fearless. Even in the face of uncertainty and possible failure, we do it anyway. Embracing fear is a key success component.

9. Ask. Always ask what our clients and customers want. Be on a continual quest to over serve.

10. Honesty. Tell the truth even when it loses us money, time, or resources. Be an open company that values integrity.

A defined and specific set of values can be one of the best ways you serve your clients, market your services, and change the world!

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