Expert Commentator: Enron Verdict/Ethics Issues

Summary: As a verdict nears in the trial of Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling of Enron, award-winning business ethics author Shel Horowitz is available for comment on Enron verdict and other business ethics issues

Suggested Questions to Ask Shel (or choose your own):

  • What does this verdict mean for American business? For business worldwide?
  • What's the business secret that Arthur Andersen, the company founder, understood--but that the Arthur Andersen accountants who conspired with Enron were clueless about?
  • You say 'nice guys don't finish last!' How can a 'nice guy' attitude generate business success?
  • How did the Tylenol poisoning scare actually help its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson?
  • Does an ethical attitude matter more in a big company or a small company?


  • Award-winning author of Principled Profit: Marketing that Puts People First (and six other books)
  • Founder of the Business Ethics Pledge
  • Regular columnist for Business Ethics Magazine
  • Speaker on ethics to the Public Relations Society of America International Conference, Publishers Marketing Association University, Folio magazine industry conference, UMass Family Business Center, and many other organizations
  • Blogger on ethics issues since 2004
  • Host: Principled Profit: The Good Business Radio Show (WXOJ, Northampton MA)
  • Frequent interviewee in major print and electronic media (see for detailed list)

Perspective: In the long run, ethics is *good* for business. Ethical, cooperative businesses make more profit, create intense customer and employee loyalty, and have a much better chance of staying out of legal and regulatory trouble. Greed of Enron's senior officials blew apart two companies and had a definite human cost. Specific comments will depend on the verdict.

Commentator Personal Profile: Shel Horowitz, 49, copywriter and marketing consultant. Lives on a working dairy farm in Hadley, MA. Married to novelist D. Dina Friedman; two children.

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