Generosity Works Better Than Greed
Excerpted with permission from Options not Obligations by Marc Warnke

One of the keys to success in the pursuit of having options in your life, rather than obligations, is understanding the principle of operating from a spirit of generosity as opposed to a spirit of greed. This means doing business with the intent of lifting up and fulfilling others through your actions.

Does this mean that you operate at a loss? Absolutely not. You are in business, after all, but every business deal you put together should be structured so that both parties benefit. It's a smart move business-wise. Give-and-take comes with operating from this mindset. It's not about expecting others to reciprocate either, it just happens. Help me, and I help you. What goes around comes around. Make money, spend money, then others make money. I pay it forward, you pay it forward. It's a big circle.

The full circle, the what-goes-around-comes-around concept, is present in all our behaviors and interactions. If I'm operating from the spirit of greed to get self-fulfillment in business, those actions will not go unnoticed. When your business is operated from a spirit of greed, the short-term rewards may be great, but it will always come back to bite you in the long run. When we operate from a spirit of generosity instead of greed, we try to help our clients, to give them the best service at the best price, to make an impact, and then, we use a portion of the profit to make a difference for other people. It's important to align your business practices with your spiritual beliefs because when you're not operating from a spirit of generosity, you tend to make poor choices.

Marc Warnke is a family man first and an entrepreneur second. As a part of his self defined higher purpose he wrote ONO, Options Not Obligations as a way to help bring fathers and mothers back to their children in mass. His life goals are to love, to learn and to live life with joy while spreading the word of Family First Entrepreneurism. Marc writes and speaks on the topic of "The Family First Entrepreneur." ONO will launch on April 22nd.