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Yes, it is not only possible to a run a successful business that maintains your ethical, cooperative spirit--your integrity--it's actually easier than building a business on lying to your customers or backstabbing your competitors! Shel's newest book, endorsed by Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup" co-creator), Jay Levinson ("Guerrilla Marketing"), and many others.

Frugal Marketing

Down to Business Magazine: hundreds of innovative, inexpensive marketing ideas. FREE Monthly Frugal Marketing Tips archives all the way back to May, 1997. Preview Shel's powerful book, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.

Frugal Fun

Hundreds of articles on living cheaply and well: travel for almost free, see top-name entertainment for free, cheap dating and weddings... Sign up for FREE Monthly Frugal Fun Tips archives all the way back to May, 1997. Magazines: Global Arts Review, Global Travel Review, Peace and Politics, Frugal and Fashionable Living. Preview Shel's book, The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty with a Peasant's Pocketbook.

Accurate Writing & More

Marketing, Writing, and Career Services for businesses and individuals. Also informative articles on resumes and careers.