Ethics Expert: As an Ethics Warrior, Spitzer Must Meet a Higher Standard

ALBANY, NY: Elliot Sptizer's resignation as New York State's governor is a direct result of his own hubris, says ethics expert Shel Horowitz. "The danger in being an ethics warrior is that if you get caught with your own pants down, you’re in trouble. You’ve lost all the credibility you spent all those years building up," the 51-year old Massachusetts author and speaker wrote on his blog yesterday.

"No one was terribly shocked when Bill Clinton got caught in Monicagate," Horowitz noted. "He got into trouble not for the behavior, but for lying about it. But Spitzer--he's built his entire career fighting corruption, so when it turns out he broke the law, his ability to govern was reduced to zero."

Horowitz, the award-wining author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First and six other books, is the founder of the international Business Ethics Pledge at and a former columnist for Business Ethics magazine. He blogs regularly on the intersections of ethics, politics, marketing, and media at

Journalists: Horowitz welcomes interviews. 413-586-2388/shel [at]

We hold Elliot Spitzer to a higher standard than, say, Bill Clinton, because Spitzer built his career attacking corruption.

Closing Details:
Speaker, author, and blogger Shel Horowitz focuses on business ethics as a success driver. His websites include and . He's also the founder of the international Business Ethics Pledge campaign, at

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