Teaching The Rules Versus Teaching Ethics

Among the essential differences between a set of rules and a well written ethics code is that the ethics code should help you know what to do when there isn't a rule for something. Yet, the majority of what is called ethics training is simply a review of the rules.

Instead of just reviewing the rules, why not help your employees or association members learn how to translate your organization's values into the ethical behavior you expect of them? It is a very different approach in some ways but one that provides far greater promise for building and maintaining great ethics in your business or association.

Lest it need to be said, this doesn't mean that the rules need to be ignored. Employees and members need to know them! The point is simply that teaching the rules, if that's all you do, is 'necessary but not sufficient'.

Besides teaching the rules, take the time to show employees and members how to truly bring your business' or association's values to life through positive actions 'above and beyond' simply what is required by the rules.

Bottom line? See what you can do to ensure that your entire organization not only knows the rules but also knows how to determine the best course of action when there is no rule on which to rely.

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