The Power of Trust

By Paula Langguth Ryan

What makes you feel safe and personally empowered? I've pondered this question long and hard after the issues of safety and trust came up in several conversations. I think most of us would say that safety and trust come from a feeling of being in control of a situation. From not having the rug pulled out from under us, from not being surprised by events that occur. From being able to trust that promises and commitments are sacred and will be honored. From being able to keep our carefully constructed "lives" in place, in order.

We often feel unsafe and dis-empowered when something "OUT THERE" changes in our worlds, when commitments are broken, when promises are not kept. These feelings of disharmony and fear may last a few seconds while we get our bearings, or they may last months, even years. We may build a case for why we can't be open, why we can't trust.

Or our feelings of lack around issues of safety and trust may be reflected in the people around us. When we don't trust others, or we perceive that others don't trust us, it's usually because there's some part of ourselves that we don't trust. And out of this mistrust grows disharmony and fear.

So, how do we create a greater awareness of Universal Trust? How do we break past this disharmony and fear and create true inner safety and empowerment? I think we have to go back to the basics.

In kindergarten, we learn basic rules: play nice with others, put away your toys when you're done with them. Then we grow up and learn other rules. Some of these rules are laid out in standard form, like Robert's Rules of Order. They are a code of conduct commonly used for meetings and in governmental bodies. These Rules of Order are droll and antiquated, and based on civility, not spirit.

What would your life look like if you followed the rules all the time? If your first thought was *boring* you're not alone. But it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of breaking the rules, maybe it's time to recognize that the old rules are out of date. Maybe it's time to write some new rules.

One day, I wondered what life would look like if we broke the negative assumptions we make and created new assumptions and based new rules on these assumptions. The result? What I've lovingly dubbed Ryan's Spiritual Rules of Order (You can find a printable version at Here they are:

SPIRITUAL RULE #1: You must be personally dedicated to holding the highest consciousness for everyone in any given situation, no matter what outward appearances may be.

SPIRITUAL RULE #2: You must be willing to own, recognize, embrace and verbalize your fears.

SPIRITUAL RULE #3: You must be willing to speak your microscopic truth with kindness, compassion, dignity and love.

SPIRITUAL RULE #4: You must assume that everyone is doing the best they can at this and every moment.

SPIRITUAL RULE #5: You must assume that everything that is occurring is for the highest good of everyone: individually, and collectively, whether or not you see HOW it is for the highest good at this moment.

SPIRITUAL RULE #6: You must assume that everyone is operating from a position of love, never from a position of mal-intent, even if that love is being obscured by fear.

SPIRITUAL RULE #7: You must remember that everything is unfolding in Divine Timing.

Over the next seven issues, I'll explore these spiritual rules with you, one by one. Approaching life with these rules in mind keeps me centered on expressing my highest self *and* helps me see the divinity in others too. I'll also show you how to apply each rule to your current financial situation, so you can break through whatever is holding you back from embracing your abundance.

When we have the courage to let go of our need to control the events in our lives, and release the worry that binds us to our fear -- that's when we become truly empowered. Read through those rules again and again this month. As you do so, if you find yourself with questions about the first rule, or any of the other rules, be sure to write and share them!

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